Villas Cipreses

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Villas Cipreses is your best option for relaxing, it is just 30 min from the capital city, it is located in the district of San Roque, Grecia Canton, province of Alajuela, Costa Rica…

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Location of Villas Cipreses

In the middle of the mountains of Grecia, in the outskirts of Poás Volcano, surrounded by mist, forest and reedbeds of this peaceful place, there lies Villa Cipreses.

Exactly Direction:

200 mts before Pipasa, Carbonal of San Roque, Grecia, Alajuela, Costa Rica,

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Estimated time from important places:

Elementary and High Schools
León Cortés Castro 18 min
San Roque High School 10 min

Bananas 5 min
Mira Montes (scenic viewpoint) 7 min
Fabrica Centro de Entretenmiento (fast food) 20 min
Q´okers (fast food) 20 min
Pira (fast food) 15 min
Restaurante Licho 17 min
Pizza Napoli (intalian food) 3 min
Rostizados (fast food) 15 min
Rosti Pollos (fast food) 15 min
Raymi (fast food) 16 min
Bars and cafeterias
Café Delicias 15 min
Café Electa 17 min
Toritos 25 min
Saprissa 15 min
Ándale 17 min

Fabrica Centro de Entretenimiento 20 min
Raúl Vega 15 min
La Confianza 15 min

Rosvil 15 min
Supercoop 16 min
Palí 16 min
Peri básicos 15 min

Cinemas/Video Centers
CCM (Cinema) 20 min
Video Net View Centro 5 min

Banco de Costa Rica 15 min
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica 14 min
Banco Banex 16 min
Autobanco Banco Nacional de Costa Rica 20 min

Farmacia San Roque 9 min
Farmacia la Violeta 15 min
Farmacia Grecia #1,#2 16 min
Hospital San Francisco de Asís 17 min

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